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We are ready to provide you either with a complete range or a particular complex of services according to your needs.


Our company has successfully grown and evolved since 1992. During this time we have accumulated a vast experience in working with manufacturers of various products. We have opportunities to serve any sales strategy and we are one of absolute market leaders.


+7 (495) 225-77-14

Freight storage and processing

Store your products in our logistic center in the city of Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region. A-class warehouses and the following related services are provided: palletizing, consolidation, repackaging, stickering, and delivery.

Transportation and rental services

You can rent a wide variety of vehicles with the tonnage from 0.5 to 22 tons. All the truck fleet is equipped with isothermic truck bodies. We use only the best trucks of Hyundai, Scania, and Mercedes. We provide transportation, rental and related services.


+7 (495) 509-98-25