• Our company has successfully grown and evolved since 1992. During this time we have accumulated a vast experience in working with manufacturers of various products.
  • We have opportunities to serve any sales strategy and we are one of absolute market leaders.

The main area of the company is distribution of FMCG. We provide a full range of distribution services from goods receipt from suppliers to cash collection.

1. Goods receipt

Goods can be unloaded from all types of motor transport using either a mechanical or manual method. Quality control and expiration date checks are maintained.

2. Freight processing and storage

Cargo storage and handling facilities are provided in our A-class warehouses. These services are obtained on the basis of the sales or safe custody contract. We observe and control all storage conditions.

3. Receipt and delivery of cargo

Freight shipping and delivery are handled 24 hours a day, in any unit of measure, taking into account a vehicle route schedule. We have more than 500 trucks with skilled drivers and freight forwarders at our disposal. Delivery to retail outlets is provided by requests of your sales representatives.

4. Transport logistics

Our logistics department has extensive experience in managing and optimizing freight traffic flows of several hundred vehicles. The conditions differ from big cities to remote outlets in less populated parts of the service areas. Any freight is delivered within 24 hours in compliance with all required formalities.

5. Cash collection from retail and wholesale outlets

Receivables and payables management.

6. Support of sales representatives

We ensure functioning of sales teams at the top level. They can have all the necessary facilities at their disposal: spacious conference halls for meetings, excellent fully equipped offices, complete support from accounting, legal and IT services. We have substantial experience in managing sales teams and are open to implement any ideas on organizing their working process.

7. Support of van-sale operations

We provide transport, drivers, and freight forwarders in compliance with your requirements. Our company facilitates the full life cycle of van-selling and also freight forwarding.

8. Arrangement of refrigeration equipment

And there is much more besides...
We are ready to provide you either with a complete range or a particular complex of services according to your needs.

Our channels of distribution

Wholesale customers

We have a long-term history of cooperation with our own distribution network that comprises more than 100 firms in the territories serviced by us.

The traditional
unorganized retail

For 18 years of presence in the market, we have successfully proved ourselves in the territories served. At present, we have established contract relations and regular deliveries to 20,000 retail outlets in European Russia.

Wholesale markets

We have a full covering of all large public markets in Moscow with our own network of container depots and personnel.

Network retail

We have developed a strong, long-term partnership with federal and regional networks. Our share of deliveries reaches 15% that allows introducing new products to the market quickly and without additional expenses.