Freight storage and processing

Store your products in our logistic center in the city of Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region. A-class warehouses and the following related services are provided: palletizing, consolidation, repackaging, stickering, and delivery.

Rental cost for a period of at least one year — from $86 per pallet position for a year without VAT.

  • High-quality processing of stored freights. Ability to maintain a high stock turnover.
  • The cost is additionally discussed depending on requirements and functionality.

We have developed such a low cost due to taking into account all specific requirements while designing our logistics center:

1. Non-standard ratio between office and warehouse areas

aims at expanding areas for more expensive offices and public zones.

2. Large areas for truck parking

allow easy freight unloading from any point within the warehouse perimeter. Warehouses are also equipped with split—level ramps.

3. Stock zones and shipping areas are obligatory in the warehouse

4. Taking into account severe climatic conditions

and, as a result, creation of the duplicated thermal envelopes that allow maintaining a predetermined temperature.

  • Loading capacity:
    up to 1.5 tons
  • Lifting height:
    up to 14.8 meters

Warehouse photos

Technical details

12 km from Moscow Ring Road

27,000 m2 of warehouse space (40,000 pallet positions)

2,500 m2 of office space

Column space of 36 х 12 m, 6 storage levels

Height of the working area is 12 m

Floor loading is 9 tons/m2

Number of gates — 54

Racks produced in Belarus (under the license of the Netherlands).

Very narrow aisle trucks (STILL warehouse equipment).